Income School – Project 24 Review

Income School Project 24 Member Review

This article was last updated on September 25th, 2020

Welcome to my honest and in-depth review of the Income School internet marketing course which goes by the name of Project 24 of which I am a proud member. But what are Income School and Project 24 you ask?

Income School is owned and run by a couple of down to earth guys and Project 24 is their online course. This course will teach you how to build websites, YouTube channels, and much more. With a view to earning a full-time income in 24 months.

In This Article I Will Share with You

  • A little about me
  • Income School – Project 24 Review
  • Who would benefit from this course
  • How to get started
  • An explanation about passive income and blogging
  • Pros and cons of blogging
  • A little about others
  • Final thoughts

Why Should You Listen to Me (Little Bit About Me)

I have been a member of Project 24 since May of 2018 and Project 24 has helped me make my first dollars online!

Hi, my name is Michelle and I feel, as a foundation and current member of Project 24, that I can give you an honest insight as to how the course is presented.

Outline all the benefits as well as point out any cons that I have come across during my time as a member of Project 24.

Before you listen to anything I have to say about making money online here is a little history about my online journey “SO FAR”…

This course is not my first foray into trying to find my place online. Before Income School around 2010, I purchased an internet business package for $4,995.00.

By the end of this course, I was meant to own 2 ebooks attached to 2 money-making websites!

Then, of course, go ahead and rinse and repeat to build a profitable business online.

I can say this now – LOL!

Needless to say, I am not sitting on top of a successful eBook empire – but the training I received through that course I still drawn from today, so all was not lost.

Later, I taught myself through free online courses to build WordPress niche sites. Unfortunately, when you teach yourself it is hit and miss as you are never given the whole picture.

I then paid for a very expensive drop shipping course which cost $1,500.00 but I soon found out that due to my location that it would be very difficult to run this type of online business for me!

The upside of the dropshipping course is that I became very confident building websites before finding online marketing and blogging again.

I then found a very successful affiliate marketer that resonated with me so I purchased courses from him ($595.00) I even spoke to him from the other side of the world.

But once again I was always purchasing more information and following a trail of paid information but it never successfully got me to the place I wanted to be.

After building a website with this teacher I found the Income School Youtube Channel around the end of 2017 and started to implement their free teachings to my existing site and it started to gain traffic.

Well, that was it for me I was about to go all-in and purchase Jim and Ricky’s original course.

But the very same day I was going to purchase the course – while out walking listening to Jim and Ricky they put out a new YouTube video.

It was advising existing YouTube subscribers that a new course was to be released very soon.

I decided to wait and join the new course. While waiting I kept improving my existing site and conducting research to improve this site as well as get some ideas for a new niche site. I was determined to build a site following Jim and Ricky’s teachings 100% and not deviate.

I signed up as soon as their new course “Project 24” came out in early 2018 and I have not looked back.

I started a brand new niche site and followed every step in the course. At the same time, I implemented all the teachings to my existing site.

To date, I have successfully achieved 3 of the many milestones in place to help all achieve their personal goals.

The success I have achieved to this day is because I am a current member and follow the Income School Project 24 method.

If you are excited and want to go and check the course out now go here to Income School. Jim and Ricky explain this wonderful online business opportunity better than I ever could.

Income School Project 24 Review

Project 24 – A Members Review

Firstly as outlined above with my previous internet and various business model training, I will tell you straight up that I cannot recommend this course enough.

Read the full article for in-depth information regarding online marketing…

What Is Income School – Project 24

Income School was founded and is run by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler. These two friends met in high school and both are successful college graduates with degrees in their chosen fields.

They are interactive down to earth fun people who are genuinely interested in teaching others to build their own businesses – what you see and hear is what you get.

Jim started and owns a hugely successful website called Improve Photography which is over ten years old.

Together Jim and Ricky have owned, own, and/or run websites which include some of the ones listed below:-

  • Pontoon Guide
  • Sound Proof Expert
  • Knife Up
  • Camper Report
  • Cabin Freedom
  • Improve photography
  • Dirt Bike Planet
  • Embora Pets
  • 7-Year-Olds
  • DIY House Security
  • Income School
  • Purpose In Christ

Also, there are new sites in the making that are not yet public knowledge!

The aim of niche websites is to answer questions around topics that arise within the chosen niche.

For example, if you would like to have a website in the Dirt Bike niche you would answer questions someone might Google like:-

“What is the safest helmet for a nine year old?” or

“How many miles can I get out of dirt bike tires?”

Project 24 – Course Features

1. Project 24 – 60 Steps

Income Schools – Project 24 60 steps are the foundation of the course. These are the steps you will follow to build a website in your chosen niche.

The 60 steps include:-

  • Choosing your topic/niche, setting up your Domain, hosting and installing WordPress
  • Site branding, logo section
  • Themes and plugins required, WordPress settings
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Searching for and analyzing topics to write about
  • Learning to write
  • Legal setup
  • Image selection and setup
  • Site design
  • Site promotion
  • YouTube Video Instructions
  • Pinterest Promotion
  • Monetizing your site

2. 60 Steps to Success on YouTube

The 60 steps to learning all about YouTube include but are not limited to:-

  • Picking a Niche for YouTube
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • YouTube Channel Settings
  • Understand YouTube’s Algorithm
  • Search Analysis for YouTube
  • Making Videos
  • Content Strategy
  • Thumbnails
  • Monetizing YouTube Channel
  • Webinars
  • YouTube Live
  • and more…

3. Extra Project 24 Courses

  • YouTube for Profit
  • E-A-T for SEO – 30 step guide to gain online credibility
  • Search Analysis
  • Picking Profitable Niches
  • No Nonsense SEO
  • Monetize with Info-Products
  • Web Traffic Snowball
  • Pinterest Results – How to get Traffic
  • Email Marketing 101
  • Mythbusting
  • Hire and Train Writers
  • Photography Start
  • Reviewing Your Sites
  • Improve and Speed Up Your Writing
  • Monetize with Ads
  • The Success Mindset
  • Content Challenges

4. Additional Resources

  • Podcast Advance – starting your own podcast
  • Project 24 Timeline
  • The Post Recipe Template
  • Search Analysis and the Brand Plan
  • 300 Ideas for your First Website

5. Income School Monetization Plugin

Jim and Ricky have a plugin for monetizing your Amazon affiliate account with your website. With plans to expand on this in the near future to include many more features – members are waiting with bated breath!

6. Project 24 Weekly Podcast

The podcast is one of my favorite resources within the course. They are released every week and the topics are relative to “WHAT IS HAPPENING” at the moment.

Whether it is a new course release, something going on at the moment with Google or GDPR, general information regarding the course, or question time with Jim and Ricky answering questions that members within the Forum are requesting a little more information about.

7. Income School – Vlog

Access to a Vlog withing the Income School community – heaps of information – as well as personalization which is always welcome.

8. Income School WordPress Theme – Acabado

Well, this super-fast {stupid fast} WordPress theme was a real surprise.

After being a member for over a year Jim and Ricky announced that members would have the opportunity to use their new WordPress Theme – Acabado – for free on as many websites as they like. While ever they are a member of Project 24.

I have installed the theme on one of my websites to date and after you to you can see at Page Speed Insights {A Google tool which you can measure your sites page speeds – for free} how fast your website has become.

My site speed went from 24 on a free WordPress theme all the way up to 92 after setting the site up as instructed.

You can find out about the Acabado Theme by going over to the Income School website here.

9. Project 24 Forum

Along with the course which is so easy to follow – I receive up to the minute new information on everything internet marketing through the Project 24 Community Forum.

All those who purchase the course are invited to belong to this Community.

People are asking questions all the time, everyone from beginners to those more experienced members who are making some serious money online.

Jim and Ricky’s generosity with their time and knowledge is contagious – everyone wants to help.

It is heartwarming when you see a new member ask a question and another new member jumps right in and answers it, so the cycle continues.

So not only do I have access to the teachers (and staff members) who own and run the up to date course I have access to hundreds of experienced members who are able to answer questions Jim and Ricky probably have not even thought of yet – HUGE BONUS.

These other members have skills in so many areas that are applicable to this type of business this in itself makes this course – PRICELESS.

Some of the skills that other members offer are:-

  • Website building
  • Code writing
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • YouTube Experience
  • Pinterest
  • Traditional Business Experience

Members of the Project 24 Forum are ordinary people from businesses and professions all around the world – who have the answers to the questions you will ask.

Life and traditional business skills you will be able to apply to any entrepreneurial venture you undertake.

It is amazing!!! 

I cannot express to you here how much information I have learned in this Forum and I have been working on the internet for years!

Who Is This Course For

Project 24 is for anyone who is passionate about earning a passive income or create a business for themselves on-line.

  • Advanced Internet Marketers
  • People who have attempted but failed to crack the internet {ME}
  • Beginners

Absolutely anyone can succeed basically all you need to do is:-

  • Choose your niche – KeySearch – here
  • Learn how to set up your site (easy as – following the steps)
  • Research topics around your niche that everyday people just like you are looking for when they search on the internet
  • Answer their questions by writing your articles
  • After you have established your site you then learn how to make money from your visitors
  • Where and how far you take your business is totally up to you

Jim and Ricky’s Presentation of Project 24 and What to Expect When You Get There

The first thing you will notice is that there are no timers, screaming bells, or red flashing lights to pressure you and freak you out!

What you will get is:-

  • A 4-minute introduction from Jim Harmer
  • If you need more information select the button for more information {you really get more information}
  • Testimonials from people in the course and who are achieving success {people that started at the same time as me}
  • FAQ section

Getting started is easy once you are ready to commence just:-

  • Complete the Registration and Billing Form
  • You will then be able to get started and access the Income School courses straight away
  • Don’t forget to get onto the Forum and introduce yourself as soon as possible

If you are ready you can see Jim and Ricky’s – online course Project 24 here…

Project 24 Review Income School

Can You Really Make Money While Sleeping?

My answer to this question is YES you absolutely can make money while sleeping!

One of the best ways to make money while you sleep is with passive income.

One way to achieve this is to start a blog on a topic that you have experience with or a topic you yourself want to learn about.

You then answer the questions that people on the internet are searching for regarding this topic.

What is passive income?

A passive income is defined as completing work one time and then receiving payment for it over and over again.

A traditional example of this would be:

  • Writing a book
  • Writing or recording a song
  • Producing a course

How Do I Make Passive Income

There are many ways to earn passive income and the choice will vary from person to person.

You have learned above that I have tried and failed at a couple of different business models to make money online.

My favorite by far is blogging.

What Is a Blog?

A blog is a way of earning passive income online.

You choose a topic that you’re passionate about then write articles about the topic.

The aim is to answer the questions that people want answers to.

Your income is known as passive because you complete the work once then continue to be paid for it.

You make your income from affiliate products, advertising, selling advertising space on your website, and writing and selling your own book on your website, producing and selling your own courses.

When selling your own products your site can even turn your blog into a membership site or community.

This type of passive income should not be confused with “Network Marketing” – you are not asking people to buy anything!

You are giving people the information that they are searching for or asking for.

What Are Website Startup Costs?

Blogging, from my experience, is the cheapest and safest start-up.

You can spend from as little as $100 to set up your website and hosting. This includes your purchase of a domain name, to set up your hosting possibly even a logo. Other than these costs you are looking at your time.

Going down this route you would mean you are setting everything up yourself including researching and writing your own articles.

On the flip side, you could spend an undetermined amount of money by outsourcing, or paying others, to complete the website for you.

A rough estimate would be thousands of dollars!

My Tips on Building a Successful Website

Choose a course to follow such as the Income School – Project 24 course.

The website you have landed on was born from the Project 24 course.

After years of trying to “work it out for free,” I decided to choose someone to follow and commit to finishing all the steps in the course.

To date I have:-

  • Followed the steps to “The End”
  • I continue to add content and keep my site up-to-date
  • I ensure that all my articles help my readers get their questions answered all in one place in a concise and informative manner
  • I continue to add content to my site regularly
  • I am constantly learning
  • I keep researching for new topics my readers want to read about
  • As I grow I employ writers to write some of my articles and other content
Console Performance TTS Image

Pro and Cons of Blogging

Pros of Blogging

Extremely low start-up costs

Ongoing passive income which will last indefinitely when the correct topic is chosen.

Choose when you want to work:-

  • you can go all in and work at building your blog full time or
  • you can start it part-time around other work, school, sport, other activities, motherhood, fatherhood, retirement

Cons of Blogging

I myself do not believe the following are cons – but some may…

The time and effort that is required is a commitment.

But the reason I don’t believe time invested is a con is that once you have produced the content you will then reap the benefits of passive income for a long time to come.

Many budding entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing they can start up a blog over a weekend.

Make their website look pretty.

Put up a couple of articles, do a little research about how to make affiliate commissions and money from advertising.

Then as if by magic millions of dollars will start rolling in overnight.

This could not be further from the truth.

It can take hundreds of hours of research and writing to build a successful blog.

As well as the time for the article to be seen by your readers.

This is one of the reasons that those starting out will be advised to “choose a topic you are passionate about” or at the very least are interested in learning about.

Online Course Reviewers (A Little About Others)

Okay so lets quickly talk about some of the others on the internet “reviewing” Income School and their Project 24 course.

If you carry out a google search for “Income School Project 24 Review” some of the top searches are “REVIEWERS” doing just that reviewing this product from the outside.

After reading a number of these reviews the first thing that jumped out to me is that they do not mention in the very first sentence that they are actually paying members of the course.

If you have not taken the course how can you possibly know what it is like on the inside? At the same time, they are trying to sign you up for their email lists by giving you “freebies”, some are even rating three different courses against income school!

The name Project 24 – means to earn an income within 24 months!

How can you possibly give an honest review until you are applying the teachings of a course to a website that you are building and seeing success from?

Final Thoughts – Income School – Project 24 Review

You can try to put all the pieces together yourself when starting a blog and you will succeed in building something.

Which is what I did for many years before selecting an affiliate marketing course.

Or you can choose to follow a plan which would involve registering for a course or purchasing a course and following the course to the end.

If you want to know how to make passive income and more importantly make that money while you sleep do yourself a favor and before you start any blog {or another online business opportunity} do your research.

To carry out research for Project 24 you do not need to spend a cent to follow this link and complete your own investigations {as outlined above I started with Jim and Ricky’s free material} you can also see the following two resources:-

  • Check out the Income School YouTube channel
  • Check out the free content that Jim and Ricky readily share

I will finish by saying that you could absolutely work all of this out for yourself for free but it will take you time and maybe you still will not succeed.

The reason you will not succeed is that you will not have someone to guide you:-

  • Complete this first
  • Next, do this
  • Followed by this
  • Ask questions if you get stuck
  • Motivate you every day
  • Constantly update you with their own hands-on experiences in building websites
  • Provide you with up to date information on what is working {or not working} on their very own websites

Finally, this work is absolutely not rocket science but it does require consistent effort initially to grow a niche site.

If I can write about topics that interest me and I make money while I am sleeping I will continue to remain a member of Project 24.

I am very excited to see where my internet business takes me…

Check out Income School and Project 24 here if you are considering starting an online business