What Is a Dutch Oven Trivet?

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This article was last updated on October 15th, 2020

There is confusion around the words “Dutch oven and trivet”. Are they used inside an oven or out? Are they needed for camping only?

I have investigated this topic in great detail as to what a Dutch oven trivet is also where and when you might need to use one?

A Dutch oven trivet is a stand that sits above a campfire on which you can place a Dutch oven to help control the heat for cooking. It is also a stand that you can use in your kitchen that sits on a countertop to stop the damage a hot Dutch oven or other cooking pot might do when it is hot.

When we dig deep into the subject of the “trivet” you will realize that these handy little accessories can actually be used for a lot more than supporting a Dutch oven. Trivets have multiple names as well as multiple uses. One is supporting a Dutch oven in a campfire.

What Is a Trivet?

Firstly, trivets are known the world over as a device that sits between a surface that is liable to be damaged by a hot cooking pot or kettle.

Secondly, there is a trivet, a metal or steel rack that can sit inside a cooking pot that keeps meat or baked goods off the bottom of the appliance to help with airflow and prevent food adhering to the bottom of the pot.

Lastly, we have the Dutch oven trivet that is usually made from cast iron or galvanized steel and can be used either inside or outside the oven. When outside the oven it will usually be sitting amongst coals or campfire flames.

What Is a Dutch Oven Trivet?

A Dutch oven trivet is a stand with legs that can be used in a campfire or a grill with coals or briquettes.

A Dutch oven sits on the trivet above the flames or coals and both the trivet and Dutch oven can then be moved around the campfire to help control the heat inside the Dutch oven.

Generally, there are two sizes of trivet used in the campfire the choice of which one you should use depends upon what you will be cooking inside your Dutch oven.

Small Trivet

A small trivet measures around 3 1/2 to 4 inches in height.

This size is ideal for frying, casseroles, soups, baked potatoes because the pot stays closer to the ground and requires the heat to be maintained at a high temperature.

You are also able to stir these types of dishes to prevent sticking.

Larger Trivet

A large or taller trivet will measure around 5 1/2 to 6 inches. A tall trivet allows you to slow down the cooking. It prevents sticking and is perfect for baking cakes, pies, and brownies.

When the weather is not the best such as when there are high winds you should use a taller trivet to help regulate the temperature for cooking.

What Is a Dutch Oven Trivet campfire stand or trivet

What Is a Cast-Iron Trivet and What Is a Dutch Oven Trivet Used For?

Cast-Iron trivets are made in various styles suitable for the kitchen and the campfire.

A cast-iron trivet for the kitchen is a stand with short legs that can be used on a countertop while cooking. The short legs will have rubber or silicon feet protectors to stop your countertop from being damaged by rough cast-iron.

Trivets for kitchens stand ready to accept any hot pots, pans, casseroles, Dutch ovens, any hot cooking appliance that has been removed from a heat source.

Cast-iron trivets for the campfire have longer legs and are sturdy enough to hold a Dutch oven, cast-iron skillet, or other suitable campfire cooking pot above the coals.

A cast-iron trivet with shorter legs can also be used inside a Dutch oven or cooking pot to keep meat or baked goods away from the bottom which is the hottest part of a cooking pot when using any type of heat source.

If you do invest in a cast-iron trivet it will need to be seasoned to be protected from rust.

What Is a Camp Oven Trivet?

Camp oven trivets are a rack that sits inside a camp oven. They can be made from various materials including galvanized steel, steel, and mesh or cast-iron.

As well as controlling the heat inside the oven they help with airflow and stop food from sticking to the bottom of the hot camp oven.

Why Is It Called a Trivet?

The word trivet basically means tripod (from the Latin word tripe’s “tripod”) and is used to protect a surface from heat.

Also used as a stand-in a campfire (or similar) to raise a cooking pot out of the coals.

Other names for trivets are stand, tripod, support, rack, or base.

How Do You Make a Trivet?

I have found one of the best trivets you can make yourself. Watch the short video below. You will be surprised how easy these are to make for your campfire.

Can Marble Be Used as a Trivet?

Yes because marble is stone does not conduct heat. There are marble trivets around and are very fashionable – but beware they can be heavy and difficult to move around.

How Does a Trivet Work Inside a Cooking Pot or Dutch Oven?

A trivet, when used for cooking, raises the food only an inch off the bottom, while a rack or steaming basket can raise the food much higher in the pot.

The trivet or rack is placed inside a cooking pot, pan, Dutch, or even an electrical appliance such as a multi-cooker.

This is carried out to alleviate some of the direct heat which is usually applied from the bottom of the pot. Keeping the food off the direct heat helps to stop food adhering to the bottom of the pot.

It also produces circulation within the pot this helps with even cooking.

What Is a Trivet Used for When Roasting Meat?

Using a trivet over an open fire to help control the heat of a cast-iron pan can be difficult because the heat is usually directed to the bottom of the pot.

With the extra help of a trivet that sits inside the cooking pot of choice and keeps the piece of meat up off the extremely hot cooking surface stops the meat from sticking and burning to the bottom of the pan.

The juices of the meat will join other liquid in the bottom of the oven and produce wonderful flavors from the all-important steam that Dutch oven cooking is renowned for.

What Are the Best Trivets?

The best trivet for you depends upon your particular needs. Once you identify them you can choose the best trivet for you.

Best Campfire and Dutch Oven Trivets

The metal trivets pictured below represent both a small size trivet and a taller trivet.

They are both made from metal and purpose-built to stand in fires while placing a cooking pot, kettle, pans, or skillet above for cooking.

1. Lodge 4-in-1 Camp Dutch Oven Trivet

Lodge 4-in-1 Camp Dutch Oven Tool, 10.82, Black
Click on image to see these for yourself

2. Lodge Fire and Cook Stand

Lodge fire and cook stand image
Click on image to see these for yourself

Best Trivets for the Kitchen

Trivets have been made from many different materials over the wood, ceramic tiles, and mosaic concoctions, all types of stone, fabric, cork, silicone, plastic, woven natural reeds.

Remember that trivets are basically a tool to go between a hot cooking pot and a work surface. So the hotter the pot the more robust the trivet needs to be…

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Deluxe Round Trivet

The Royals Royce of cast iron trivets for the kitchen.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Deluxe Round Trivet
Click on image to see the other 5 colors in the range

STAUB Round Magnetic Wood Trivet

These magnetic wooden trivets are available for both round and oval Dutch ovens.

STAUB 41190732 Round Magnetic Wood Trivet, 6"
Click on image to see this and the oval Staub trivets

Cast Iron Trivet Dragon Design

Affordable cast-iron trivet for the kitchen

Dragon Design Cast-Iron Trivet
Click on image to see the other 2 colors in the range

4-in-1 Multipurpose Silicone Trivets

There is always a silicone option available.

Multipurpose Silicone Pot Holders, Trivets, Jar Openers, Spoon Rests
Click on the image to see these versatile trivets and the other 3 colors

Frequently Asked Questions

How Hot Does a Camp Oven Get?

The temperature in a camp oven will vary depending upon the type of material it is made from as well as the positioning of the coals and lastly the weather conditions.

Cast-iron Dutch ovens will get extremely hot – in excess of 500 degrees Fahrenheit if left unchecked – so hot in fact that they can become dangerous if great care is not taken while using them.

Using accessories designed for Dutch oven use will keep the meal, you, and the Dutch oven safe. Check out my must-have Dutch oven accessory list here.

Final Thoughts – What Is a Dutch Oven Trivet?

So you see trivets, Dutch oven trivets, and cast-iron trivets while carrying the same name have been designed differently for campfire uses.

Then differently again to keep our kitchen countertops, tables, and other surfaces safe from hot cooking pots.

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