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Hi, I’m Michelle and I love cooking fresh hearty old-fashioned meals “IN ONE POT”.

I use a cast-iron Dutch oven for outdoor cooking as well as my enamel Dutch ovens for cooking at home. For entertaining large numbers Dutch ovens are a no-brainer…

I use the freshest ingredients available including good old-fashioned full fats. Which brings out the flavors of everything I prepare.

I first fell in love with cast iron Dutch ovens as a young girl on family camping trips. My mom would use old aluminum pots for cooking bits here and there and it was too much work while trying to relax.

Ahhh but my aunt used a very old cast iron Dutch oven, she would throw everything inside place the lid on, then sit back and relaxed until the meal was cooked. So the love affair with cast iron and one-pot cooking began…

Naturally, as I got older I was able to experiment with one-pot cooking in its many forms.

My attempts at cooking in different pot varied widely. I mean let’s face it if you want to prepare a certain meal the recipe can be prepared in a mixing bowl then be cooked in an appropriate pot.

As I got older with more responsibilities (partner, kids, work, kids) my enthusiasm for meal preparation dwindled. The one thing that did not dwindle however was the need to eat fresh, healthy yet filling meals (complete with leftovers).

One other sticking point is that I am not a gadget person! I hate clutter with a passion!

So now, as well as my beautiful Le Creuset Dutch oven, I invested in a slow cooker about 4 years ago and just this year I got my first multi-cooker.

I have two adult children, a daughter-in-law and grandson and I determined that they will be able to buy fresh and prepare a healthy meal in the most convenient, shortest time with the least amount of mess possible.

Wish me luck…

One-Pot Cooking Rocks

Dutch Oven Shopping

This is me shopping for my new Le Creuset cast-iron Dutch oven. Testing out the size and the weight of the Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart round Dutch oven. Weight was perfect but I have decided to go for the Le Creuset 7 1/2 quart oval Dutch oven. Because I want to prepare larger cuts of meat and meats on the bone.


Shopping for a new le creuset Dutch oven


Cooking With Dutch Ovens Everyday

This is me preparing my fluffy Dutch oven rice in my trusty little Aldi cast-iron Dutch oven – it is a perfect size to make rice for a family of 4 or more. I have never had a mishap making rice in this Dutch oven it turns out perfect every time.

I make my rice early in the day it takes me 15 minutes then I prepare my dish in another Dutch oven on my gas top cooker or in my conventional oven at dinnertime.

This size Dutch oven size is also perfect for a standard loaf of artisan Dutch oven bread.


about me page



Here at OVENSPOT, I will give you all the information you need to purchase the perfect Dutch oven for your needs. I want to ensure you use your one-pot cooker to its highest potential.

By that I mean there is nothing you cannot prepare in a Dutch oven.

Seasoned Cast Iron Duch Oven’s and Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven’s Reviewed

I have used and reviewed some of the top-selling and latest cast iron Dutch ovens on the market today.

I love to give you a complete look at each one so you really can get an idea of what you can expect from each piece.

There are also loads of relevant information articles on the site including choosing the right size for you and your needs. Care and maintenance of Dutch ovens. How to use and maintain your Dutch oven while camping. Plus much more…

Here are a couple of links below. Check them out.

Best Dutch Oven For Camping

Lodge Dutch Oven Sizes

Le Creuset Dutch Oven Sizes

I also recommend where to buy your Dutch oven from – for the best price and to make sure you get one that will last you.

Check out the homepage below for more…




Dutch oven in a conventional oven image
Testing out my new Conventional Oven with my Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Slow Cooked Beef

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One-Pot Cooking Rocks