10 Vegan Dutch Oven Recipes | #7 Is My Favorite

10 Vegan Dutch oven Recipes

This article was last updated on November 12th, 2020

If you are craving a quick and easy one-pot plant-based meal you have landed on the right page.

These 10 Vegan Dutch oven recipes have been prepared and enjoyed using the original one-pot cooker the Dutch oven. The only problem you will run into is which Vegan Dutch oven recipe you are going to prepare today.

Why is #7 my favorite? When are you know sitting down to a meal is not only in the taste and satisfaction you receive from the dish at that time. Meals taste different when you prepare them yourself.

Why you ask – because if you have a tough time making the dish, finding the ingredients, preparation, cooking, and then the almighty cleanup, I believe the dish loses some of its shine.

Recipe number 7 was one of the easiest meals all-inclusive that I have ever made. So when I add that the freshest of the ingredients – I believe I have a winner…

10 Vegan Dutch Oven Recipes

These Vegan Dutch oven recipes include soup, stews, saute’s, and accompaniments. Make them on their own or marry a couple of dishes up.

Feel free to add extra vegetables, pasta, quinoa, or rice. Making sure you adjust your liquid content and cook time for the extra ingredients.

Also, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when using their cooking pot as there will be a maximum fill line for ingredients and liquids.

1. Easy Vegetable Pasta Soup

Easy Vegetable Pasta Soup Vegan and Dutch Oven

This is a dairy-free vegetable soup that is really creamy and simple to make. It tastes so creamy it is almost a casserole and not a soup.

You could easily turn this soup into a quick casserole by adding some extra vegetables.

Quick prep time of 10 minutes and a total cooking time of 30 minutes will see you sitting in front of this delicious easy vegetable pasta soup in under 40 minutes.

See the full recipe here.

2. Tuscan White Bean Soup

Vegan Tuscan White Bean Soup Recipe

I love this quick and easy Vegan Tuscan white bean soup infused with fresh Meditrainian flavors that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Prepared of course all in one-pot, a Dutch oven, for a very quick meal.

Consider adding pasta to make it a fuller meal – delicious…

See the full recipe here.

3. Zesty Turmeric Lentil Rice

Dutch Oven Zesty Lentil Rice (Vegan)

This yummy zesty Tumeric lentil rice is a quick and easy Vegan dish. As well as the Turmeric the dish is flavored with cardamom, cumin, and is enhanced with lime to give it a fresh zesty citrus finish.

Can be served hot or cold in under 30 minutes. Also as a full meal or an accompaniment.

See the full recipe here.

4. Squash Zucchini Mushroom Saute’

Vegan Squash Zucchini Mushroom Saute' - Dutch Oven Style

I served this Vegan squash zucchini mushroom Saute’ with the zesty Tumeric lentil rice dish outlined above. To say they complemented each other is an understatement.

We also enjoyed thick crusty bread with the meal – JOY!

See the full recipe here.

5. Semolina Carrot Broccoli Mushroom

Semolina with Carrot Broccoli Mushroom Recipe Image

The base of this dish is, of course, Semolina but there is also a creamy twist with the secret creamy ingredient almond butter.

You will be eating this dish in under 40 minutes. Once again this Semolina dish is filling enough to eat on its own hot or cold, but it is also a great accompaniment.

See the full recipe here.

6. Vegan Beet Borscht Soup

Vegan Beet Borscht Soup Image

Built on a base of mushrooms, cabbage, beetroot, and potatoes. Vegan beet Borscht soup quick and easy to prepare and as with other soup dishes you can try serving this soup over pasta or rice.

See the full recipe here.

7. Mushroom Cherry Tomato Pasta

mushroom cherry tomato pasta vegan and dutch oven

Why is this Mushroom cherry tomato pasta – Dutch oven style my favorite?

Well not only was it fast to prepare and cook it is light and fresh smelling as well as tasting. Also, you absolutely cannot ruin this dish.

I guarantee you will be craving this dish and it will become a staple when planning your weekly menu.

See the full recipe here.

Update: as I have since made this dish again. If filled the dish out by adding 1 cup of zucchini and 1 cup of yellow squash. Delicious!

8. Vegan Creamy Green Soup

vegan creamy green soup with coconut milk dutch oven

My Vegan creamy green soup is a non-dairy version of the popular basic green soup recipe. You can tell by looking at the image that it is a full-bodied soup when preparing this recipe.

When you add other ingredients you can really turn this soup into something special. Extra steamed vegetable (leaving them whole), pasta, quinoa, rice

See the full recipe here.

9. Spicy Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

Spicy Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers Image
This stuffed bell pepper recipe is quick and easy to prepare. You will be sitting down to this meal within 1 hour.

The bell peppers work well as a main dish but you can also use it as an accompaniment to enhance another of your favorite meals.

See the full recipe here.

10.Cauliflower Celery Mushroom Soup

Vegan cauliflower celery mushroom soup

All in one-pot for a quick, easy Vegan cauliflower celery and mushroom soup with a creamy almond base. Yum!

4 people will be enjoying this delicious soup in under 40 minutes.

See the full recipe here.

What Can Be Cooked in a Dutch Oven?

Braising, sauteing, frying, soups, stews, pasta, rice, and sauces. Let’s not forget breakfasts, baking treats, and bread.

Cast-iron Dutch ovens are the most versatile and time-proven cooking pots you can own.

Can You Fry in a Dutch Oven?

Frying requires hot oil that can maintain an even heat and there is no better pot than a cast-iron Dutch oven that performs this task naturally.

So YES you can shallow or deep fry in a Dutch oven – no messy electric deep-frying appliance required.

Can I Use a Cast Iron Skillet Instead of a Dutch Oven?

You can for many recipes. Such as lasagne, risotto, frying foods, baking. The recipes you choose to cook in a skillet instead of a Dutch oven cannot have a large amount of liquid as the sides of the skillet are too low.

Check out this article I prepared all about using a skillet instead of a Dutch oven.

What to Use If You Do Not Have a Dutch Oven?

I have compiled a list of Dutch oven alternatives you can use if you do not have a Dutch oven. As long as the lid has a tight fit to keep steam inside the cooking pot or appliance you can adjust Dutch oven recipes to suit the cooker.

Check out this article Dutch oven substitutes.

Why Is Cooking in a Dutch Oven Better?

Taste test after has been carried out using a Dutch oven, slow cooker, and pressure cooker the Dutch oven always comes out the winner.

A cooking pot with a heavy self-sealing, self-basting lid is the difference from the other two cookers. Sealing in the goodness while cooking and thickening the dish with the ingredient’s own flavors.

The ability to be used on various heat sources outside and inside a conventional oven.

The Dutch oven is a kitchen must-have…

Top 3 Dutch Ovens

(Click On Image To Check Them Out)

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Round French (Dutch) Oven, Cerise

Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte, Black Matte

Lodge 7.5 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Caribbean Blue

To Finish – 10 Vegan Dutch Oven Recipes

I sincerely hope you enjoy some of my favorite one-pot vegan and vegetarian recipes all prepared in my Le Creuset 5 1/5 quart Dutch oven (pictured above) just like this one.

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