How to Use a Dutch Oven in a Conventional Oven

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This article was last updated on October 15th, 2020

Those of us who love and use our cast iron Dutch ovens regularly have no problems adjusting our cooking style to include using the Dutch oven in a conventional oven.

How to Use a Dutch Oven in a Conventional Oven! To use a Dutch oven in a conventional oven you need to cook in the oven at low temperatures. The inside of the Dutch oven should maintain the heat at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. To achieve this you can use an oven thermometer to check the temperature.

You might use this method of cooking either for convenience or if the recipe requires the meal to be prepared then finished off in the conventional oven.

Baking bread, rolls or scones in your Dutch oven is a lot easier in a conventional oven as it is heated from all angles and not just from the bottom. Give it a go you won’t be sorry!

Read on to find out how to cook with your Dutch oven in a conventional oven.

Can an Enamel Dutch Oven Go in the Oven?

YES, absolutely you can use a Dutch Oven in a conventional oven. It doesn’t matter whether it is cast iron enamel Dutch oven or traditional seasoned cast-iron Dutch oven both will achieve the same delicious outcome.

Using a Dutch oven on a cooktop or similar only distributes heat from the bottom. When you use a Dutch oven in a conventional oven the Dutch oven heats from all sides.

Providing you with even heat distribution, so you do not have to keep stirring your dishes for fear of the food sticking to the bottom of the Dutch oven.

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Where Can a Cast Iron Dutch Actually Be used?


Types of ovens you can use a cast-iron Dutch oven in are:

  • gas
  • electric ovens
  • convection ovens
  • solar ovens
  • toaster ovens
  • barbeques with the hood down
  • toaster ovens as well as convection and conventional ovens


If you have a roaster large enough or a Dutch oven small enough you can even use it here.


Such as

  • gas
  • electric
  • ceramic
  • induction and barbeque grills.

Remember that lifting the oven straight up and off any cooktop will protect the cooktop from being damaged.

Outdoors – Campfires

Don’t forget campfires such as cooking over hot coals, briquettes, open flames. You can also use a tripod to hang the Dutch oven over the heat source.

Don’t Use Your Dutch Oven Here!

The only place you cannot use a cast-iron Dutch oven is a microwave. This is only because you cannot use metal in a microwave.

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What Features Does a Dutch Oven Need to Function Correctly in a Conventional Oven?

Safety (Always Safety First)

A hot Dutch oven that you will be moving from cooktop to hot oven and back must have handles that are large enough for oven mitts or potholders. You most certainly need to be able to comfortably lift the Dutch oven with the handles.

The lid needs to fit the Dutch oven snugly and securely so there is no movement when carrying the oven around the kitchen. Also if it does not fit securely and steam can escape you risk getting burned even with mitted hands.

The lid should also be fitted with a secure knob or integrated looped handle for safe lifting with mitted hands or a lid lifter.

A Dutch oven without legs on the base is ideal to use in the oven as it can be inserted and removed from the oven easily.

But if you do have a cast iron camp Dutch oven don’t despair with a little maneuvering and care the legs should fit through your ovens metal shelves.

You will have more control over the temperature inside the Dutch oven by using your conventional ovens temperature control. But we need to remember how hot cast iron can get.

The perfect tool to assist in temperature control is a handheld thermometer. So a notch or pouring spout on your Dutch oven will allow you to slip the thermometer in the grove and hold it in place.

Can You Put a Dutch Oven Lid in the Oven?

This is where you will have to take not or read the instruction manual that can with your Dutch oven. I will easily breakdown here Dutch oven and their knobs.

Dutch ovens are oven-safe and depending upon the quality of the iron and workmanship it will withstand very high temperatures.

The lid of a Dutch oven will withstand the same high temperatures, but the knob will have a heat limit. Usually, it should not be exposed to more than 400º. This is where you should refer to your manual.

You can do one of two things either replace the existing knob with a metal one. 

Alternatively, remove the know and bake without it.

Can I Put Cold Cast Iron in the Oven?

It is recommended that cold cast-iron be placed on or in a heat source at room temperature and is heated up slowly by the heat source.

How to Use a Dutch Oven in a Conventional Oven

How to Use a Dutch Oven in a Conventional Oven

For this example, I decided to select a dish that is easy to prepare and always delicious. Basic meat and vegetable stew!

Be Prepared

  • Being prepared before you start the cooking process is essential as you will be searing or braising on the cooktop then without losing heat you want to transfer to the preheated oven.
  • You can do this by having your vegetables and meat already chopped.
  • Have all your seasonings at hand to be added when required in the cooking process.
  • Lastly, utensils, oven mitts, or pot holders ready to be used.

Lets Start Cooking

What temperature do you bake a Dutch oven? Preheat your conventional oven to between 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. If time is not an issue you could go lower in temperature for a slower cook.

If your cooktop recipe requires the Dutch oven to simmer 2 1/2 to 3 hours the same recipe in a conventional oven will take less time.

On the stovetop put a little of your oil of choice into the cold Dutch oven then select a low heat on your cooktop.

You should always braise on low heat so as not to burn the food and end up with food particles stuck to the bottom of the Dutch oven.

Begin the braising process that your recipe requires. In small batches is the best way. Then saute your vegetables the same way.

When done return everything to the Dutch oven including liquids continue over low heat and wait for it to boil. You can then put the pot into the oven.

Before putting the pot into the oven you should use a wooden spoon and move the ingredients around to distribute them evenly inside the Dutch oven. This will assist with keeping the heat even during the cooking process.

While you are in the experimental phase of this new way of using your Dutch oven I would check on the dish every hour. Stir if required doing this will assist in even cooking.

Remember because of your Dutch oven benefiting from heat from all sides all dishes will cook faster in a conventional oven than when preparing it on a cooktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Ceramic Dutch Oven in the Oven?

Yes, you can use a ceramic Dutch oven in the oven. But before you use a ceramic Dutch oven you will need to check the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Some ceramic products are not to be used on a direct heat source and heated from below they are designed for use in a conventional oven.

Can You Put a Le Creuset Dutch Oven Lid in the Oven?

The lid of a Le Creuset Dutch oven can withstand temperatures of 425º.

If you have a Signature Stainless Steel Le Creuset knob it will withstand any temperature either inside an oven or on a cooktop. The metal knobs are also dishwasher safe.

Preheating Dutch Oven for Bread

Unfortunately, you should not expose a cold enamel cast-iron Dutch oven to a heat source. As per manufacturers’ instructions and science you should heat them up together – even when making Dutch oven bread.

The enamel should always be treated the same as glass – but more so because it adheres to another material – cast-iron.

So you should be heating your Dutch oven and your heat source up together.

How to Use a Dutch Oven While Camping

I get asked this question all the time and while I could continue to give a lengthy explanation here I chose instead many months ago to write a separate article which answers the question plus much more.

If you are interested go here and you can view this article for yourself.

Why is a Dutch Oven Good for Cooking?

A Dutch oven is good for cooking because you can prepare your favorite recipes all in one pot. Saute, brown, sear place all the ingredients in the pot together then cook either over your stovetop heat source or in a conventional oven.

Dutch ovens are also economical because of the heat retention you able to cook meals without using as much power.

To Finish – How to Use a Dutch Oven in a Conventional Oven

There you have it you know now a cast-iron Dutch oven can go in the oven and you also know how to

Cooking in the conventional oven will save time and money as the heat is retained inside the Dutch oven because it is being hit from all directions instead of just from below.

Choose a favorite recipe and give your Dutch oven a workout in your oven. You will soon be consuming wonderful one-pot nutritional, healthy, hearty meals prepared with fresh ingredients.

If it doesn’t work out well the first time cooking this way try again. Remember all the benefits of cooking this way and persist a little.

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