Can You Use a Dutch Oven On An Electric Stove?

Can You Use a Dutch Oven On An Electric Stove

This article was last updated on October 10th, 2020

Dutch ovens are incredibly hardy and versatile pieces of cookware. There are two main types of ovens

  1. Enamel ovens which are crafted from durable cast iron with an enamel coating, they are designed to be highly heat-conductive and are suitable to use in the kitchen and
  2. A traditional type of Dutch oven that is made from cast-iron but not coated with enamel and is used for campfire cooking but can they be used on an electric stove?

Dutch ovens can be used on an electric stove. You must ensure that the pot is in fact cast iron and not coated ceramic or stoneware. Always heat the Dutch oven up starting with low heat and ensure that the pot is lifted and not scaped across cooktops to avoid damage to the surface of the appliance.

What Heat Sources Will Dutch Ovens Work On?

Dutch ovens not only work on electric stoves, but gas and induction stoves, ovens, and wood-powered ovens. They are also commonly used with coal, briquettes as well as open flames.

How to Use a Dutch Oven On Your Stove

Dutch ovens are very simple to use on the stove! You can use them just like any other pot, except for the difference in temperature.

You see, cast iron gets extremely hot. Setting the burner to medium-high or high will only scorch the Dutch oven and the food inside. Instead, set the burner to a safe medium or medium-low.

On glass stoves, to avoid scratches or cracks, you will want to use extra care. Lifting not pulling or dragging the pot across the top of the stovetop will keep your stove looking great.

Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before using any new cooking appliance whether it is a cooking pot you will use with an introduced heat source such as a stovetop or an electrical appliance always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Next always ensure the appliance is intact. You will be looking for scratches, cracks or chips, warping, a lid that does not seal correctly, and of course the material that the Dutch oven or pot is made from.

Warning – You should also ensure that your “Dutch oven” is in fact made from cast iron under that enamel coating. If it is not cast iron but a pot that is made from stoneware or ceramic and coated in enamel – YOU CAN NOT use them on a stovetop. They will crack if the heat source hits them in one place. This type of pot is generally called bakeware and these pots should be used in a conventional oven.

Types of Electric Stoves

Electric Smooth Stove

Electric smooth stoves are glass stovetops that are often flush with the counters, for a seamless appearance. This makes them quite a popular choice in the modern home.

So, electric smooth stoves are lovely; but can you use a Dutch oven on one? Absolutely, you can. Just use a bit more care than you would with a more durable surface. With heavy-duty cookware, such as the Dutch oven, you must have a gentle touch.

Electric Coil Stove

Electric coil stoves have electric coils, from which they gained their name. Not as pretty as the beautiful sleek look of glass stovetops but are ideal for a family, as they can get quite dirty and take quite a scrubbing without appearing worn. This also makes them a great choice for cast iron pans and other heavy cookware, such as the Dutch oven.

Induction Stove

Induction stoves are a real wonder of technology. These only create heat when the burners come in contact with induction cookware. This means no open flame, no coils, etc. Dutch ovens are compatible with induction cooktop cookware.

As will the smooth electric stove or glass stovetop you to preserve the wonderful look of these appliances extreme care should be taken when using a cast iron cooking pot or skillet.

Gas Stove

Gas stoves are compatible with virtually all cookware. This includes Dutch ovens, of course. The strength of gas stove lies in their ability to make quick temperature changes and to cook food evenly.

They also allow for flexibility; on one burner, for example, you may have your Dutch oven on low-medium. On another, the burner will quickly reach high, to boil water, fry, or the like.

Modular Stove

Modular stoves are the stoves of dreams. With individual induction, electric, and gas burners, all on one stove, a modular stove delivers a totally customized cooking space. Your Dutch oven will find itself most at home here.

Can You Use a Dutch Oven on a Glass Top Electric Stove

Can You Use a Dutch Oven On a Glass Top Electric Stove?

As touched on above, yes, you may use your Dutch oven on a glass top electric stove. You will simply need to use a bit more care when moving the heavy pan about or setting it down.

For example, an outdoor Dutch oven standing on legs will not be suitable. Instead, use a classic, flat, and smooth bottom Dutch oven. The oven can be either enamel or raw cast iron, just remember with exposed cast-iron to be extra careful on delicate stovetops.

I would recommend that you use an enamel cast iron Dutch oven on a glass top stove.

What Can You Make On the Stove With Your Dutch Oven?

You would not believe everything that you can make with just one Dutch oven. They can boil, roast, bake, and more. You can use your Dutch oven on almost any kind of electric stove. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a nice drink, your Dutch oven is sure to do the trick.

Dutch Ovens are a fantastic way to make homemade stew, soup, and chili.

Another firm favorite which is one of the things that I love to prepare in my oval Dutch oven is a large pot roast. Pot roasts cooked within a Dutch oven are flavorful and tender beyond compare.

One of the easiest and quickest meals you can prepare in a Dutch oven is a classic chicken casserole. Place chunks of the thigh or breast fillet into the oven and sear until browned, remove chicken, sear your chosen vegetables lightly, add chicken stock combined with all-purpose flour, herbs of choice and return chicken to the Dutch oven.

Return the oven to the boil turn it down cover and simmer for 25-30 minutes. You can add chopped potatoes and simmer for a further 20 minutes or you can serve casserole with your condiments on the side. (Rice, potato, or other steamed vegetables).

There you have a healthy, hearty, inexpensive meal on the table in around 1 hour. Perfect…

How to Use a Dutch Oven In Your Oven

The flexible Dutch oven can be used in the oven, as well. Once again, the primary difference between a Dutch oven and your average pan is in temperature. Using your oven on the stovetop gives you heat from underneath the oven, so this is where the pot is the hottest.

Change it up and use your oven inside a conventional oven the heat is absorbed from all sides making the Dutch oven hot all over including the top.

So using a Dutch oven inside a conventional oven cooking at a lower temperature will generally give a better outcome due to heat retention.

Can I Put Cold Cast-Iron in the Oven?

A question I always get asked is “can I put cold cast-iron in the oven” I am assuming that the Dutch oven has frozen or very cold food inside it. Well, the answer to the question is 2 fold.

  1. Common sense should always prevail. We should not plunge anything hot into cold and vice versa for fear of pots exploding, cracking, and burns on our bodies.
  2. I would say no do not put a really cold or frozen Dutch oven into your conventional oven. Instead, what I would do is let the Dutch oven cool to room temperature 1/2 to an hour then place it into your oven for reheating or cooking.

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Can You Use a Dutch Oven On An Electric Stove

How to Use a Dutch Oven With Coals

You may also opt to use your sturdy Dutch oven outside, with coal. To do this, you will need to know the size of your Dutch oven. can find out the Cutch oven sizes by checking out my “Dutch Oven Size Chart” article.

The general rule is to use twice the number of briquettes as the diameter of your Dutch Oven. ¾ of these should be placed on the lid.

So, as an example, you would need 24 briquettes for a 12 inch Dutch Oven. 6 of these would go underneath the Dutch Oven, and 18 on the lid.

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What Do You Use a Dutch Oven For?

Dutch ovens can be used to heat food, for roasting, basting, cooking, hot drinks, and more. They may also serve to chill drinks, desserts, prepare, and serve salads.

You can also just use the oven as an extra way of serving meals, condiments, salad, and desserts that actually have not been prepared in the oven.

They can be used on your very own electric stove. Before you begin putting your new Dutch oven to work on your stove, there are a few things you must know, and a few steps you must take.

Keep Your Dutch Oven Clean

First, wash your Dutch oven with hot, soapy water. Some manufacturers say that Dutch ovens are dishwasher-safe. My recommendation is to handwash then dry your Dutch oven as soon as possible. This reduces the chance of rust developing and increases the life of your oven.

Stubborn stains and cooked on food sometimes require a little more help. I use this enamel Dutch oven cleaner from Amazon.

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How to Season an Enamel Dutch Oven

Unlike traditional cast iron pot, pans and skillets enameled cast iron does not need to be fully seasoned. But you will notice that there is an exposed rim around the edge of the oven and the lid this is cast iron and should be seasoned to protect the iron.

Seasoning is simple, use a paper towel to rub a light coating of neutral, high smoke-point oil along the edge, where the cast iron is exposed. If you need some help choosing an oil to use for seasoning my article about the best oils for seasoning cast iron will assist you. Go here…

Place in 350ºF oven upside down on a baking sheet to prevent the oil from dripping, and bake for 1 hour. Let cool and store as usual.

You can Heat or Chill Your Dutch Oven

Finally, choose your heat source and turn it on, or place the Dutch Oven in the fridge to cool, depending on what you require. Dutch ovens take a long time to heat up, and to cool down. This flexible cookware retains both hot and cold to a marvelous degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Le Creuset on a Glass Stove Top?

As long as the pot is enameled cast iron and not a pot that looks similar such as stoneware or ceramic pot. Le Creuset makes cooking pots out of various materials.

Cast iron can be used on any heat source (heated up slowly) stoneware and ceramics need to be heated inside a conventional oven.

Check your manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you have the correct pot.

Click on the image below to see a true enameled cast iron Dutch oven from Le Creuset…


Le Creuset Signature Round Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Conclusion: Can you use a Dutch Oven on an electric stove?

As you can see, not only can you use your Dutch oven on the electric stove… you can use it on all kinds of stoves. From gas to modular, to the electric coil, to induction, to electric smooth top… the versatile Dutch oven is compatible with them all. Use your indispensable Dutch oven anywhere, any time.

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