Finex Cast Iron 5qt Dutch Oven

Finex Cast Iron 5qt Dutch Oven

This article was last updated on October 15th, 2020

The Finex Cast Iron 5qt Dutch Oven is the new kid on the block in the cast-iron Dutch oven world.

This cast-iron Dutch oven was only released to the world in April 2018 so it is very new to the market.

In this article, I will give you some background information about the manufacturer of this Dutch oven. They go by the name of Finex.

I will outline all the new and exciting features that this cast-iron Dutch oven has to offer.

Finally, I will also let you know where you can purchase this Finex Dutch oven.

If you have landed on this page by accident and you already know you want to purchase the Finex Cast Iron 5qt Dutch Oven. Click here and you will then be taken to Amazon where you can make your secure purchase.

Alternatively, read on for my full review of this new and innovative Finex Cast Iron 5qt Dutch Oven.

About the Finex Company

The Finex Company manufacture and handcraft their cast iron with high-quality materials in the United States of America. Portland, Oregan is where each piece is uniquely crafted by hand.

Finex strives to surpass current standards in cast iron cookware manufacturing. The cookware during the manufacturing process goes through no less than twelve pairs of hands. Each piece of cookware takes approximately twelve hours before each piece is completed.

I have attached an awesome three and a half minute video from the Finex Company called “The Finex Cast Iron Cookware Story” which you can view at the end of the article.

Finex is also known for its catchphrase “better looking, better cooking and good forever performance”.


The Features of this Finex Oven

  • 5 Quart cast iron Dutch oven
  • A highly polished cooking surface
  • Toxin-free cooking
  • Heavyweight Construction
  • Heavy lid
  • Pre-Seasoned with Organic Flaxseed Oil
  • Open Fire, Hot Coals, Grill, Gas, Electric Stovetop, Induction, and Conventional Oven
  • Spring Handles – “Speed Cool”
  • Dimensions 10.4 inches x 13.5 inches x 5 inches
  • Cooking Surface dimension is 8.2 inches
  • Weights 16 pounds
  • “Good Forever” – Guarantee

Finex Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review

A New Look Dutch Oven

The first thing you’ll notice is the innovative design and shape of the cast-iron Dutch oven. It is octagonal in shape which has been specifically designed for easy mess-free pouring.

This shape also allows you to get utensils such as a spatula down into the deep oven to flip food while cooking.

It has ergonomic stainless steel spring handles. The thicker sides and bottom are just right for heating evenly, retaining the heat and moisture.

The highly polished casting gives you an easy to release cooking surface which also allows you to sear to seal in the flavors and not have the food stick to the oven.


The Finex Cast Iron 5qt Dutch Oven will be pre-seasoned twice with organic flaxseed oil, so it is ready to use when you are.

The Lid

The heavy lid covers all the multi-angle pour spouts on the Dutch oven perfectly which will allow for retention of heat and all the flavors that Dutch ovens provide.

The lid from this Dutch oven conveniently fits the Finex 10-inch skillet which you can find here if you are interested.


Click on the image to see this Finex Cast Iron Dutch Oven for yourself at Amazon

The Handles

The uniquely designed “Speed Cool” handles also make it easy to carry the Dutch oven from the cooktop to the table for serving. As with other cookware that you use over hot coals, flames, or a grill you will need mitts when lifting with the handles because they will become very hot.

You will also notice that the handles are slightly tilted upwards and are a good size. You will then be able to use mitts to safely transport with the room provided.

Where Can You Use This Dutch Oven

Like all cast iron Dutch ovens this new one can be used on hot coals, open fires, grills or even hanging on a tripod.

Don’t forget you can also use these Dutch ovens at home in the kitchen. It is suitable for cooktops such as gas, electric, induction as well as in your conventional oven.

Uses For This Dutch Oven

Before your first use, you should wash and dry the oven and lid. It is best to preheat using low to medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes before the cooking process.

Even though this cast-iron Dutch oven arrives pre-seasoned by hand twice, it is recommended that for the first couple of times you should use oil to build up the seasoning. Which also assists with your food not sticking to the oven.

Being able to prepare eggs and sauces that will not stick to the highly polished toxin-free cooking surface is another feature of this Dutch oven.

Finex Cast Iron Care and Cleaning

As with all cast iron, you cannot clean this Dutch oven in the dishwasher. Cast iron cannot be immersed in water for a long period either as it will rust.

For baked-on food particles you can boil water in the oven for a couple of minutes this should loosen the particles. Then wash in hot water and use stainless steel chainmail or similar to remove any leftover food.

Ensure the cast iron is dried thoroughly before storing it.

It is recommended that you season with a very light coating of seasoning of your choice after drying. This will preserve the existing seasoning when the oven is stored.

Where Can You Buy Finex Cast Iron

The best place to buy Finex cast-iron Dutch ovens is here at Amazon.


  • Simply because they are a trusted supplier
  • Great real customer reviews are available to all
  • Quick delivery
  • Gift wrapping available
  • Returns – if required

Finex Dutch Oven Recipes

You will find an awesome array of Dutch oven recipes here at Finex – including a gorgeous Finex cast-iron steak recipe…

The Conclusion – Finex Cast Iron 5qt Dutch Oven

If you are after a high-quality American made cast iron Dutch oven this could very well be the one for you. This cookware is unique in design and handmade to the highest standard. It offers features that you just cannot get in other Dutch ovens available. The cast-iron lid even conveniently fits another Finex cast iron product – a 10-inch skillet.

So from the amazing coil handles, the octagonal shape for easy pouring to the individual characteristics that your Dutch oven will arrive with. I am certain you will not be disappointed if you choose to own a Finex Cast Iron 5qt Dutch Oven.

Finally, to own a finely crafted cast iron Dutch oven made from the best possible materials available in the U.S.A. Is to own a piece of cookware that will become a family heirloom.

To take a closer look at this Finex Dutch Oven why not check out {Finex cast iron Amazon} you will find it today at the best possible price just click here.

If you would like to see my reviews on various pre-seasoned cast-iron Dutch ovens in a whole range of sizes, brands, and more! Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Size Cast Iron Dutch Oven?

The best size Dutch oven is one that fulfills almost all food preparation needs. A 6-quart Dutch oven is considered a mid-size Dutch oven. It feeds a family of 4 comfortably.

It will cook most recipes including large stews and pieces of meat on the bone. Al great all-rounder.

How Much Is a Cast Iron Dutch Oven Worth?

The price of cast iron cookware varies from $20.00 up to $600.00. Why are some Dutch ovens so expensive? They can be expensive when the following factors are taken into consideration. 

  • quality of material
  • where it was made
  • the size and shape of the piece

When deciding how much to pay for a piece of cast iron cookware you are now aware of why some pieces are more expensive than others.

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